Reseda High School Music


Reseda High School Mission Statement

The Reseda high school music department provides music education to all students interested in learning to play an instrument.  It is a personalized learning environment focused on fostering meaningful cultural experiences in the appreciation, understanding, and performance in music.  The department provides instruction in guitar, beginning band, concert band, marching band, jazz, and mariachi. All students are welcome!



The Regent Marching Band consists of brass, woodwind, percussion and colorguard. It meets in the fall semester and performs at all home and away football games, pep rallies, parent conference night, police academy graduation, and other events. Requirements include attendance at summer band camp, as well as enrollment in a music class during the school year. The course name is “Marching Dynamics/Advanced Band” and will fulfill one semester of the P.E. requirement. Regent Band teaches many things, including leadership, student cooperation, and assists in the development of mental and physical endurance. It is a great way for incoming freshmen to instantly become a part of the Reagent family upon entering high school.







Permission slip for Monday (tomorrow) is available above.  
The Reseda High School Music Department document contains information regarding performances, practices, and all other requirements to participate in Marching Band.