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There are a few specialized things that student athletes need to do in order to be considered for recruitment by colleges and universities.

The most important thing is to file with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Student athletes should do this at the END of their junior year or the very beginning of senior year. You will need to take the SAT or ACT before the end of junior year in order to be eligible. You must also send in an official transcript with all courses from junior year listed. 

Use Reseda High School’s CEEB Code (052620) when registering for NCAA Eligibility Center.




Open the PDFs below to understand NCAA requirements and timeline for athletes. Visit the NCAA website for full details. For specific questions, download the NCAA FAQs sheet.



Staying on Track to Graduate NCAA

Because we believe success in the classroom is just as important as winning on the field, we have standards to ensure student-athletes make progress toward a degree – every year and every season. They need to meet these standards to be eligible to play.

NOTE: All information on this page was taken from the NCAA website.

Please click on the link below to see the above information as well as more information regarding the NCAA


 Division I

·         40 percent of required coursework for a degree must be complete by the end of the second year, 60 percent by the end of the third year and 80 percent by the end of their fourth year.

·         Student-athletes are allowed five years of eligibility and athletically related financial aid.

·         All Division I student-athletes must earn at least six credit hours each term to be eligible for the following term and must meet minimum grade-point average requirements related to the school’s GPA standards for graduation.

 Division II

·         24 hours of degree credit must be completed each academic year to remain eligible. At least 18 of those hours must be earned between the start of fall classes and spring commencement, and up to six hours can be earned in the summer.

·         All Division II student-athletes must earn at least six credit hours each full-time term to be eligible for the following term.

·         Student-athletes must earn a 1.8 cumulative grade-point average after earning 24 hours, a 1.9 cumulative grade-point average after earning 48 hours and a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average after earning 72 hours to remain eligible.

·         Division II student-athletes must complete their four seasons of competition within the first 10 semesters or 15 quarters of full-time enrollment.

 Division III

·         While there are no minimum national standards for establishing or maintaining eligibility in Division III, student-athletes must be in good academic standing and make satisfactory progress toward a degree as determined by the institution.

·         Division III student-athletes must be enrolled in at least 12 semester or quarter hours, regardless of an institution’s own definition of “full time.”


Waivers are available for many of these rules, including progress-toward-degree standards.


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