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Junior Information & Timeline


Ready...Set...Go!! College, here I come! Please click on the links below for information about what Juniors should be doing to prepare for college.


Juniors the following link can help you with deciding on a Major:




Juniors go to Khan Academy for free SAT practice materials, and create an SAT study plan.



                       Junior Year Calendar


  • Register for PSAT Test at your high school
  • Take a practice PSAT Test


  • Take the PSAT in October
  • Register to take the SAT test in March and the SAT Subject tests in May


  • Study for finals, junior year is the most important for colleges to see
  • Pick up your PSAT test results, enroll in SAT Prep class if needed
  • Investigate summer programs


  • Investigate summer programs, as they fill up quickly


  • Take a Practice SAT I or SAT II Test, if available
  • Start to visit colleges and college websites
  • Continue to investigate summer programs
  • Take an interest finding test and a learning inventory test offered through NAVIANCE,,, or
  • Take the ACT test


  • Take the SAT Test
  • Make final plans for summer
  • Plan to visit colleges during Spring Break
  • Investigate college websites
  • Investigate various college majors
  • Plan your senior classes- keep them academic as your senior year counts for colleges


  • Continue to search college sites and scholarships
  • Visit college campuses
  • Go to College Fairs
  • Take ACT Test
  • Finalize summer plans, consider jobs, internships, summer school, or summer jobs


  • Take the SAT I, SAT 11 and AP Exams
  • Keep up your grades in all classes
  • Keep a college file up to date
  • Attend local college nights for colleges you may be interested in attending
  • Apply to be a CPC (College Peer Counselor) with Ms. Marquez for senior year
  • Study for finals


  1. Summer- Use your time wisely- no loafing around- take classes, get a job, volunteer or do a college summer program
  2. Visit colleges and begin your list
  3. Brainstorm college essay ideas
  4. Write your personal statement for UCs and Common Application
  5. Finalize your list of colleges
  6. Apply to colleges that have “rolling admissions” NOW!
  7. Begin the Common Application & the UC application online August 1st
  8. Begin the CSU application & FAFSA applications ~they are available on October 1st