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Brag Sheets & Letter of Recommendation

Documents Necessary for a Letter of Recommendation from a Counselor:


The following people can provide the counselor letter of recommendation:

Ms. Canchola, Ms. Cayen, Mr. Kline, Ms. Marquez, Ms. Nagosian, Dr. Penrod,

Ms. Repecka, & Ms. Weiss


  • Deadline to request a letter from a counselor: November 1ST 
  • (Or three weeks BEFORE YOUR DEADLINE!)
  • Deadline for your College folder is September 30th (see Ms. Marquez).


Seniors the FIRST STEP is finding out if you even need letters of recommendation!  If you are applying to UCs, CSUs, or community colleges then YOU DON’T need letters of recommendations!


Videos for Letter of Recommendation Tips:  

Video 1-

Video 2-



Steps for Private College Applications that use The Common Application

  1. One completed Brag Sheet typed. Go to and complete it, save it, print it, and bring it to the College Office. 
  2. You need three teacher comment forms to be completed by 3 teachers who are not writing a recommendation letter for you. 
  3. Complete the student portion on School Report online on the Common Application. 
  4. Insert the counselor's name: Laura Marquez (without the title) and his or her email. 
  5. Make sure you fill in your current classes and the classes you plan to take in the spring on the School Report form online.

Steps for Private college that DO NOT USE The Common Application


  1. If the college is not on the Common Application, GO TO THE UNIVERSITY WEBSITE & FOLLOW THE ADMISSION INSTRUCTIONS. You want to click on admission requirements for undergraduate/freshman (even if you have taken college courses). 
  2. When your Brag sheet is complete, open an application folder in the College Office with Ms. Marquez A-2. 
  3. Complete a transcript request form in the College Office so that I can send your transcript electronically/by mail/by fax (depends on university/college directions).
  4. Schedule an interview with the counselor/Magnet Coordinator who is writing for you. 
  5. Write thank you notes to each person who wrote for you.
  6. Mid-Year report complete forms online by the end of December so that Ms. Marquez or the Counselor who wrote for you can send your midyear grades.  Your application is not complete until the Midyear report is submitted by Ms. Marquez or the counselor/Magnet coordinator who wrote for you.

 College Folder Information


You MUST open a folder in the College Office & complete all paperwork in a timely manner.  This will ensure your counselor will have enough time to write a strong letter on your behalf.

College Folder is due September 30th. This means you need to start your folder at least 3 weeks prior to make sure you have time to complete it by the deadline.

College Folder Contents:

  • SSR Checklist- This is the coversheet that is stapled to your folder. You must provide the following information:
    • Your name & contact information
    • GPAs, classrank, SAT & ACT scores,
    • Name(s)of teacher(s)/counselor is/are writing for you.
    • What 3 teachers are completing your teacher comment forms.
    • Names of colleges/universities you are applying to, their deadlines & other admission information.
  • Bragsheet- This is a two page document asks you questions. This must be filled out completely. The more information you provide the stronger your letter of recommendation will be, SO PLEASE PUT EFFORT IN FILLING IT OUT (for your sake)!
  • Teacher Comment Forms- You will need to have 3 teachers complete this form. These 3 teachers CANNOT BE THE SAME TEACHERS THAT ARE WRITING YOUR RECOMMENDATION LETTERS.

Documents Necessary for a Recommendation from a Teacher: 


  • A copy of your COMPLETED Brag Sheet.
  • Request the two teachers who are writing for you to complete their letter online.
  • Ask for your teachers' proper name and email address so that you can add them to your common application as your recommenders.
  • Follow the instructions on the Common Application OR the instructions given by the college/university website.


  • Common App will then send your recommender(s) a link so that they can upload their letters. Give your teachers at least three weeks to write your letter.
  • Teachers who are writing for you must upload or mail their letters directly to the colleges.
  • Please ask your teachers to save their letters on their computers. Later on you may need to request a copy for scholarships or other colleges.

DEADLINE: September 30th of your senior year.

Don’t forget to write thank you notes to each person who writes for you.