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·         Order your official (preliminary) transcripts for your college applications in the College Office.

·         Order Final Official Transcripts in the Counseling Office with Ms. Hori as soon as you graduate or just before graduation date.



You need to check following on your transcript to ensure all information is accurate & correct.

2.      The spelling of all names on the transcript.

3.      Your contact information- home address, phone numbers, ect.

4.      Your personal information- birth date & student ID.

5.      Your grades- make sure all your grades are correct.

6.      Make sure all summer school, Saturday school, adult school, online course and college classes are posted on your transcript.

7. Make sure if you have taken any classes outside of RHS or outside of the regular school hours that it has posted on your transcript.

You MUST send your Final Official Transcripts to the college or university you plan to attend in the fall. You should order this Official Transcript in the Counseling Office as soon as you know which college or university you will attend. Ms. Hori in the Counseling Office will send them as soon as your final grades and graduation date are posted.