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Report Card Comment Codes

  1. Exceptional work. Demonstrates mastery of standards
  2. Produces beyond the assignment
  3. A pleasure to have in class
  4. Obeys rules, respects public and personal property
  5. Works well with others in a variety of situations
  6. Accepts responsibility for personal actions
  7. Shows determination in accomplishing assignments and tasks
  8. Work is improving to meet standards of the course
  9. Demonstrates thorough use of knowledge and skills.
  10. Low scores. Recommended for intervention
  11. Does not complete assignments and/or tasks
  12. In danger of failing, not meeting promotion standards
  13. Excessive absences and/or tardies
  14. Experiencing difficulty meeting standards
  15. Frequently comes to class without necessary materials
  16. Seldom or never dressed for Physical Education
  17. Needs to participate in class activities
  18. Exhibits disruptive and/or inconsiderate behavior
  19. Talks too much
  20. Reflects progress according to capacities defined in IEP
  21. (55) In danger of earning a “U” in work habits
  22. (56) In danger of earning a “U” in cooperation.
  23. (65) Seldom works in class, wastes time.
  24. Parent conference in requested. Please call for appointment