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 Helpful FAFSA videos:

How to video- How to fill out the 2017-18 FAFSA (this is for graduating senior class of 2017)



Parents- How to create a FSA ID Youtube video



Students- How to create a FSA ID Youtube video. Only 6 minutes long!



Senior to Do List Spring 2017

  1.      Make sure to submit all final documentation for EOP by each CSU campus deadline!
  2.     MIDYEAR TRANSCRIPTS- Some, not all, but some universities will ask for a 7th semester or Midyear transcript. You must come to the college office and request these.
    1.       I will print them and put them in an envelope for you.
    2.       You are responsible to address it and mail it off!


  1.     Send official SAT &/ OR ACT scores to universities 
    1.       Note: If you applied to multiple UCs you only need to send you’re SAT or ACT scores to ONE UC CAMPUS and all the UC campuses will have access to them!
    2.      For Cal State campuses go to CSU mentor & use the code 3594, this code will send your scores to all of the CSU campuses!

 Students watch this video- How to officially send your SAT scores to CSUs & UCs


    1.      The first step is for you and 1 of your Parent(s)/guardian(s ) to create a FSA ID (this will serve as your electronic signature for the FAFSA application) It takes about 15 minutes, so do it TODAY!
    2.      Complete the FAFSA application! (I have attached a checklist of the documents and information you need to gather to complete your FAFSA.
    3.     ATTEND A FREE CASH FOR COLLEGE FAFSA WORKSHOP THIS SATURDAY, January 21, 2017. These workshops are being held throughout the Los Angeles area, AND the purpose is to help students fill out the FAFSA OR CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT APPLICATION. http://www.lacashforcollege.org/fafsaworkshops

NOTE: If you plan to attend this event I HIGHLY suggest that:

  •      You CREATE YOUR FSA ID ahead of time!
  •      You gather all of you documents and information needed for the FAFSA or Dream Act Application
  •      You start your application & just skip the parts that you are not sure about!


    1.       This is how universities communicate important information with you, such as deadlines, documents needed, and important events that will take place!
  2.     I will be running Official Rank & GPA this Monday, January 23, 2017
    1.       So make sure you double check your grades from last semester to make sure they are correct!
    1.       I provide reminders and share important information with you through Jupiter! So please read each message!


Seniors the last time you can take the SAT or ACT is in December!


Test Date: December 3, 2016
Registration Deadline: November 3, 2016

Test Date: Dec. 10, 2016
Registration Deadline: Nov. 4, 2016

**If you qualify for a fee waiver you can get them in the Library at Lunch.
Summer Programs
Summer Discovery- Pre-College Enrichment for High School Students




Our success, personal attention, experience and safety standards have been emulated, but never duplicated.  Year after year, we receive positive recommendations from thousands of satisfied students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators.


Our unique partnerships with some of the world's most prestigious universities allow our students unparalleled access to great academics, high-school internships, enrichment courses, community service, cultural immersion, sports, and residential life.  We invite you to join a wonderful group of teenagers from all over the U.S., and around the world, this summer on campus. 


Want more details? Contact us at info@summerdiscovery.com or apply today


College Representative Presentations taking place in the near future!

Please come to the college office to sign up for these events.

~You will receive a summons and if your teacher allows you to attend, you will report to the location on the summons (either the library or the college office).

~ Our Community college Representatives will be discussing all the steps & DEADLINES (yes, there are deadlines for community colleges) specific to their campuses this month. These meetings are very important! So even if you can't attend the meeting, make sure you sign up on the sign up log in the college office so the representative can contact you! Our Pierce representative would like to have an email to do so!

~ Pierce Community College will be on our campus once a week on Wednesdays.

~LAVC & SMC will come to our campus twice a month.

**SMC will be on our campus every OTHER Wednesday

**LAVC will be on our campus every other Friday



 Open House Events!

The University of Arizona

It’s an all day event where you get to discover their academic offerings, meet current students, explore the campus and enjoy a free lunch


January 27

February 10

March 4

March 25

April 1

Register Online At: https://admissions.arizona.edu/visit/freshman-events/arizona-experience